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Only 8 Elder Care Entrepreneurs Will Have This Opportunity in 2010.

I'm looking for 8 business owners who understand the rest of this post.
Whether you are completely new to the business,  or wanting to move to the next level, this might be for you…

If you're plan is to "ease" into 2010. Then stop reading. The
unsubscribe link is at the bottom. Don't take this the wrong way,
but you don't want to be helped.

I know, I know that's not real sensitive. It's forbidden in the marketer's handbook.

You know I spend a ton of time running LTC Expert Publications LLC.

I've got a family. Triplets that are almost 3 years old and my husband, and our extended family.

We're busy.

How about you?

And yet I get a CRAZY amount done. Finished. Launched. Profitable.

How about you?

You should know exactly how much time you have to work with in a day.

If you don't then here's a question…

What's wrong with you?

If you don't know how much time you have to devote to your business
(something that is totally measurable); how can you plan?

Forget all the reasons you can't and start canning.

—————————— ————————
2010 : Important Stuff
—————————— ————————



That's the number of businesses that make it.

Michael Masterson wrote this in Early to Rise yesterday, "According
to polls, almost all Americans — about 88 percent of us — plan to
make New Year's resolutions this year.

That's good. But this isn't: More than half of those resolutions
are abandoned (or broken) on January 2.

Another 10 percent will be forgotten (or broken) on January 3.

By April 1, more than 90 percent of those good intentions will have
mutated into regrets and rationalizations."


That's the problem.

It's not businesses that don't make it.

It's PEOPLE that don't make it.

LOL! If people can't keep (finish) something as simple as a
resolution, how in the world are they going to operate a profitable

The good news. That absolutely does NOT have to be you.

2. 30 days

The next 30 days are crucial.

They set the stage and the pace for 2010.

Get on your mark, get set… GO!

Decide on ONE business goal for the next 30 days.

Launch one blog. Make your first $1. Make your second million.
Whatever. The what is not nearly as important as getting it DONE.

3. Partner

Find a coach or a mentor.

Going it alone sounds cool, but it's hard.

4. Focus

Are you distracted? Too many thoughts? Too many shiny things to
look at? Too many possibilities? Don't know what to do first? Don't
know where to go next?

Schizophrenic business building will drive you insane.

Go back to #2 above. Concentrate on the ONE target. You do not have
to do everything at once. Just one thing.

Earl Nightingale said, "People are where they are because that is
where they really want to be – whether they will admit that or not."

Think about that a while.

—————————— ————————
2010: It's Time for a Coach and Mentor
—————————— ————————
Hire a mentor who will really stretch you to into a new paradigm.
You want to be pushed and challenged to be more than you are now.
That's not going to happen if you are all nice and cozy hanging out with your best friend.

5. Invest High

My last tip is to hire a success coach at a level that hurts.
You MUST have some serious skin in the game to experience the level of growth you desire.
If you aren't feeling a pinch then you aren't being charged enough.

Here's why.

When you find your stride you'll be tempted to back off or slow down.

When you are dropping some serious change (and this is at whatever level it hurts for you –
could be $200 or $20,000 a month) then you will work a million times
harder to ensure you get the return on investment.

Move on This NOW. It will sell out, guaranteed.

In 2010 I'm offering 8 people/organizations the opportunity to work with me one-on-one.

-I will fly to your office/home office/facility/community one time, and spend 1 to 1.5 days with you (at my expense) and your staff looking at marketing processes, print marketing pieces, CRM, autoresponders, websites, radio, tv, newspaper ads, yellow pages ads and more.

-We will analyze the effectiveness of what's happening now, what needs to happen for success in 2010, and how to make it all happen QUICKLY.

-You will also receive one-on-one coaching calls monthly.

-You will receive $400 "LTC Expert Bucks" to use on any of our products or services in 2010.

-Finally, you will receive free admission (for 2) to our 2010 Power Marketing Conference (dates TBA).

Most coaching programs like this cost $15K and up, and even $15K is a low figure for most high level programs.

This is for serious elder care entrepeneurs who feel that they can benefit from one-on-one "in person" coaching/mentoring that will absolutely give them and their organization to get to the next level.

The cost for the program for 1 full year is $5K.

That's peanuts for a huge leg up on your local competition, and believe me, I know what most of them are doing.

The program is by application only, we will only accept 8 clients this year.

If you are accepted, and full payment is made, we will immediately work together to schedule our meeting dates.
Success is NOT an Accident,

Valerie VanBooven RN BSN


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